A Shower in Bloom

As I was driving down the I-5 with my family last Spring I couldn't believe my eyes when we came upon miles and miles of blossoming orchards!  It was like nothing I had ever seen before.  Perfect rows of purple, pink, and white flowers as far as the eye could see.  This is where the vision all started.  Fast forward to a few months ago when we started planning a pop up baby shower for our friend, LaTisha.  We just knew popping the party up in a blossoming orchard would be the perfect location for our event.  Then we set out to make it happen!  

The incredible people from Del Monte loved the idea as much as we did and thought their orchards would be a brilliant place for a party!  We were able to meet one of their most beloved farmers and hand select our perfect spot from the pristine rows of peach trees.  It was love at first sight!


We were so lucky to be able to work with the amazing calligrapher, Nina Sandelin who created the most perfect watercolor invites and menus!  The dreamy coral color palette she created set the tone for all the decor.  The chargers were painted to match and we dip dyed the napkins and pillowcases to create just the right color.  Our dream catchers flowing in the trees and lace tent gave just the right touch of bohemian that we were looking for.  The finishing touch and crown jewel of our tablescape was the UNBELIEVABLE floral garland from The Petal Company.  We couldn't think of a more perfect way to dress the table!


When our guests arrived each person was able to create their own flower crown.   We had such a fun time seeing everyone's beautiful creations.  They were the perfect accessory for our blooming shower! 

Since we were surrounded by peaches, we thought what better inspiration for our menu then the peaches themselves! It was so fun experimenting and coming up with a few of our own recipes that used Del Monte peaches.  They were all a hit!  The menu for the evening featured: Fresh Squeezed Peach Lemonade; Mini Charcuterie Boards; Peachy Pecan Fruit Salad; Rosemary Sea Salt Rolls; and Roasted Chicken Salad with Dates, Goat Cheese, & Cornbread Croutons.  We finished off the night with the most amazing Chocolate Chip Cake with Peach Puree, a Chocolate Cake Crumb, and Coffee Frosting from the incredible Sugar Dot Bake Shop. You guys, this cake was INCREDIBLE!!


We also wanted to thank all the AMAZING companies we collaborated with to make this party a huge success! We couldn't have done it without you!

Photography: Nathalie Cheng

Flowers: The Petal Company

Cake: Sugar Dot Bake Shop

Venue: Del Monte Peach Orchards

Invites and Menus: Sandelin Designs

Gifts and Swag: 

Urbann Nest: Woven Wall Hangings

Joonie: Car Seat Cover and Tote

Apothik Nature: All Nature Skincare Products

Promptly Journals: Childhood Journals

Artistic Apothecary: Handmade Soap, Diaper Cream & Shea Butter

Little Sapling Toys: Modern Wooden Toys 

Cherry Brick Road: Darling Baby Clothes 

Golden Hill Design: Softest Baby Onesies & Blankets

Sakura Bloom: Baby Slings

It was truly a night we wouldn't forget and our dreams of popping up a party in the middle of a blossoming orchard had become a reality.  Thanks LaTisha for letting us celebrate you and your new baby girl!