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We specialize in creating and styling unique content that inspires people to gather together.

What we initially thought would be a fun hobby, quickly took on a life of its own. Since starting a little over a year ago, we've already hosted and styled 30 different parties and gatherings. We somehow managed to do all this while having 4 kids each (yes, 8 kids between us!) We're quite the party all by ourselves.  Join us on our quest to make the ordinary extraordinary. We hope The Revelry Co. can be a place you can be inspired and your excitement for life can be revived! Where there's a place, there's a party!




Meet Jaime

I’m a mommy, wifey, and an online bargain shopper extraordinaire!

[Can that be a profession please]? I am married to a handsome computer nerd and we have 3 crazy rambunctious boys that rule our world – and a baby girl who we are all obsessed with! We live in The Bay Area and love to do anything that involves eating, sunshine, and fresh air. Before I was a mommy, I worked as a professional singer/songwriter with my sis – AJA was our band and we made it Hotter Hotter! I score a yellow/blue on the personality test... so obviously I love a good party! Being creative is something I can't live without. One of my favorite past times is refinishing and repurposing furniture. This passion I inherited from my beautiful and talented mother. I drink a coke a day … [Yes, you read that right. A REAL coke. I don’t do diet]! When I have a tough mommy day, I lock myself in the closet and eat salted caramel chocolate from Trader Joes and all my problems melt away!




Meet Rachel

I’m a lover of fashion, food, and my family of six!

Before little people ran my world, I studied fashion design at FIDM then ran my own baby clothing line. I absolutely love to create things: things for myself, my home, my kids, and now my parties. I’m obsessed with chocolate and anything gold ;). I believe flowers make everything better. Oh, and I have a really hard time writing without using multiple emojis.😜 I also love to bake, but don’t as often as I’d like because I have zero self control when it comes to sweets. I love to entertain because it combines all the things I love: pretty décor, delicious food, and partying with my people.

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