We are so excited to finally tell you all about the night of our magical Friendsgiving pop up party!  We hope you've been inspired by the design, DIY's, and delicious recipes we have already posted.  This party was especially fun since the whole Revelry Crew was hosting some of our closest friends!  We hope you, too, can create an unforgettable night for the ones you love.

Guests started arriving around 5:00 PM.  Daylight Savings was the next day so we were lucky enough to still have good light for an hour or so while people showed up.  It was so fun watching our guests arrive!  They didn't really know what to expect, after all we only gave them our exact location thirty minutes before the party started.  As they walked up, they were amazed and delighted at the site of our party set up.  After greeting everyone and catching up a bit, we invited each guest to take a seat so we could get the party started. :)  

We began by enjoying chips, homemade salsa and the best guacamole (with pomegranate seeds).  While everyone was chatting and enjoying the appetizer, the girls had fun showing off their gold tattoos that we had included in their party invitation. The insert read, "A little something extra to adorn yourself with for the occassion".  It was such a fun way to excite our guests (even before the party started)!  

After the appetizers, we then passed out the activity for the evening and each person received five little feather hang tags.  We encouraged everyone to take a few moments to write a detailed and meaningful description of what they appreciated most in their lives and what they were thankful for.  It was so inspiring to read what heartfelt thoughts each of us had. It made the evening even more special!

After the activity, we moved on to the main course.  We created the perfect party set up to pass the food around family style, after all it was Friendsgiving. :)  

We started with a basket of freshly made fry bread for our Navajo tacos.  Next, we topped them with warm pork carnitas that had been marinating in the crock pot all day. Then, we finished them off with fresh toppings, creating a colorful and delicious main course.  The corn salsa and unexpected garnish of pomegranate seeds were a crowd favorite! Our meal was an easy way to feed a group of friends without compromising on sophistication and taste. 

As the sun set, we gathered our "thankful" tags and began to hang them from the tree branches.  It was the highlight of the evening!  Discussing what we were most thankful for, and in such a unique way, was the cherry on top.  One common theme was how grateful we were to raise our families in such a beautiful place with amazingly good people surrounding us.

We finished off the night with dessert and it was worth the wait!  We served neatly cut circles of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream and the MOST delicious Mexican hot chocolate.  A friend gave a toast to the thankful tree and for our friendship. It really was a night to remember!