Fall Party Menu

A table full of charcuterie and more...

Planning a menu for a pop up party can be tricky.  You can’t just make any thing, you have to think about how you are going to transport it, how to keep it warm, where to keep the food once your party is set up and many other logistics.  We wanted to keep the food simple but apropos to The Hunt theme.  

What would be a better choice for The Hunt then a charcuterie board which would then allow the food to become part of the table design. We made beautiful layers of planked wood and centered them down the table.  We organically placed the meats all along the wood planks to give it a rustic feel. We added cheeses, fruits, olives, sauces, breads and crackers.  The guests could easily see their options and choose from a wide selection right in front of them. 

Since it was October in the bay area we knew the evening would probably get a little chilly so serving a hot bowl of soup was a must. We made a tomato basil parmesan soup and transported it to our location in a crock pot to keep it hot. Simple and easy yet a perfect compliment to our charcuterie board.

To help keep the guest feeling warm through out the evening we served warm apple cider.  We added a little character to the apple cider by spicing it up with orange slices, fresh cranberries, cinnamon sticks, and star of anise. 

We then ended our evening by serving warm peach crisp. We baked it in individual mason jars as a unique way to serve them to our guests.  When we pulled them out of the oven we sealed them up quickly, wrapped them in towels, and transported them to the party. This helped keep them warm for dessert time. The individual jars made it easy for serving and a quick clean up.