Super Bowl Dinner Party

Who doesn’t love a great excuse to relive your glory days? The only thing better than watching the game is playing the game!  Whether you are rooting for the Falcons or the Patriots, or you don’t even know who is playing, we have a fresh new spin on your traditional Super Bowl party.  This party is sure to be a win win for everyone involved (especially the husbands ;).

The moment our guests stepped onto the football field the nostalgic memories of high school came flooding in. It didn’t take long for everyone to fall into place and feel like they were 17 again!  We gathered together some of our die hard football friends to go head to head, Falcon’s vs. Patriots, right their on our local high school football field. 

To prep our guests for the big game we handed out personalized water bottles and eye-black to get their game face on. We cranked up our music, huddled with our team, strategized, and then it was time for kick off.  Before we knew it we were all lost in the game, gaining yards, scoring touch downs, and creating epic plays!  As the game came to a close, everyone worked up an appetite and couldn’t wait to sit down to a delicious dinner. 

For the table decor we were inspired by the black and white stripes from referee uniforms and bright green turf, adding accents of the team colors. Our centerpieces were a super fun and easy DIY cement planter with green grass. At the end of the goal post we set up two tables for the opposing teams; each tables’ decor was opposite of the other.

We served our guests our favorite Super Bowl Chicken Chili with avocado, cheese, and cilantro toppings, toasty baked potatoes, and bite sized corn bread muffins. To quench their thirst we had a bucket full of craft sodas to choose from. The favorite of the night was Butterscotch Root beer by Dang. Treat yourself NOW and try the Butterscotch Root beer, it is to die for!  As the dinner went on, we got lost in the night with good food and great conversation. Our party ended on a high note with mini chocolate bundt cakes served with warm homemade fudge sauce, whipped cream and fresh raspberries. Yum!

As a little takeaway we used our fun new Fuji Polaroid camera to take pictures of each couple to make sure everyone left with a memory of the evening.  It was a night our guests were sure not to forget.