Top 5 Summer Salad Plates

Summer is here and that means your most likely not hungry for piping hot soup or a big bowl of chili. You want something light and crisp. Something that makes you feel like you can put on that swimsuit and head to the beach on a whim! Cue the Summer salad! The only thing we love more than zesty vinaigrette dressed veggies is the vibrant plate it arrives on. And this summer's trends bring some of the most gorgeous prints and colorful hues that will having you excited for salad all year long!

Here are our Top 5 favorite salad plates of the season, sure to make summer linger well after September. 

1. Painted Poppies {Anthropologie}

2.Tamatoa Side Plate {Anthropologie}

3.Floral Opal House {Target}

4.Kate Spade Strawberry Collection {Macy's}

5.Palm Melamine {Wayfair}