PJs and Pancakes Party!

Christmas is a tradition that has been taking place for centuries. It has many meanings to many different people. But what makes Christmas so special and unique to each of us are the traditions we create within our own families. It seems like almost everyone we talk to has a different tradition that they carry out during the holidays. Some people go caroling around their neighborhood, some make gingerbread villages, some dedicate time towards helping those in need, while others have a special Christmas movie they watch together every year. No matter what your traditions are with your own family, one thing we have found that seems to be a consistent theme during this magical time of year, is the gift of Christmas pajamas!


Pine trees sparkling with that soft golden glow and little ones all cozied up in their new PJ’s is exactly what we picture when we think of the perfect Christmas Eve party!  If it's a party then there must be food! But Christmas Eve is SUCH a busy day for mom’s and dad’s, how are we supposed to find time to cook a big Christmas Eve feast when we have to make sure that all the presents are wrapped and the cookies are baked and ready for Santa?! #exhausting  If you're like us and want to opt out of the Christmas Eve Feast tradition (at least until the baby is potty trained) :), then we have the perfect tradition just for you! Pajamas and Pancakes -“The Christmas Edition”!


We dreamed up a fort to fit the whole family! Yummy pancakes and doughnut holes because, why not?! :) And the best part is lots of time to snuggle those cute little babes in their new PJ’s. We hope you too can create your own traditions and enjoy this magical time of year. Merry Christmas!