Holiday Cheer Wagon

I worked in the city for ten years before I started having babies. Each day I would exit the Bart train and walk a mile or so to Levi’s Plaza. I walked past many homeless people; some were quiet and kept to themselves, and others were happy and talkative. Every winter I would think about those that I walked past, those who didn’t have a place to go or something to keep them warm. I always told myself, when I had kids I would bring them into the city to pass out hot chocolate and oranges to those in need of warmth and food. 

Seven years, three kids, and a wagon later we finally headed into the city to pass out free hot chocolate and oranges! We made our first trip with The Revelry Co. and family. Between our three families we have seven boys and three girls; lucky for us, we each got a girl to go along with our wild boys. ;)

We decorated our “Pop Up Holiday Cheer” wagons with lights, garland, and signs. One wagon was filled with oranges and the other with hot cocoa. We started off at Justin Herman Plaza and offered our goods to all those in need. The response was wonderful! People were very happy to receive our simple gifts and they enjoyed seeing all the little children running about too. 

It was a wonderful experience to share with our children; teaching them to give, serve, and think of others. San Fransisco, we will be back again. Until next year!

Merry Christmas - The Revelry Co.