Friendsgiving DIY

It’s in the details that make it unique. 

We decided to do a little DIYing for this party rather then just buying everything. This would allow us to get create a unique setting, as well as save a little money.  Check out what we did...

Hanging feathers - We have a lot of turkeys running wild where we live so one of our kiddo's favorite things to do this time of year is go “turkey feather hunting”.  Turkey feathers are amazingly beautiful, so we decided to tie a few together with twine and hang them from our “give thanks tree” with some leather straps.  This was a fun DIY for the whole family.

Invitations - This time we decided to design our own invitations.  We liked the beautiful turkey feathers that our kids collected, so we decided to keep the theme going on the invitations.  Included in the invitation was a sheet of gold tribal tattoos for each guest to adorn themselves with before the party.  We created an aztec pattern for our envelope and wrapped it with twine.  Then we attached a small feather with their name hand written on it.  

Wood Table - We knew for this party we wanted to have a beautiful wood table that was low to the ground, with pillows and blankets laying around for our guests to sit on and get cozy with. We decided to make the table using cedar fence wood. We did a little sanding and staining and ended up with a beautiful wood table that coordinated perfectly with our terra cotta pots and decor.  The best thing about it was it only cost us $40 to make. 

Wood utensils - We decided to use wood utensils, but the color of the wood was a little light with our table.  Our quick fix was to spray paint the handles black, which tied in perfectly with our table decor.

Pillows and Napkins - We found some cute Aztec print pillows at IKEA, but with 12 guests at the party it would have ended up costing $120+.  Instead we were able to find this cute red and yellow fabric at Joann’s on sale for $2.49 a yard.  We used pillows we already had and sewed a simple slip case to cover them.  For the napkins we used our left over pillow fabric!  So quick and easy and added just the right amount of color to our beautiful table. 

Painted canvas - We wanted something big to go under the table for the pillows and the guests to sit on. We thought about rugs and blankets, but then decided on a large painters canvas. We stenciled the pattern we used for our invitations onto the canvas to add a little character. 

Terra cotta succulents - Rather then buying already made mini succulents we decided to make our own. We found small terra cotta pots at Hobby Lobby for a good deal so we bought those and painted them in black and gold. We bought succulents, cacti, and filler at Home Depot and potted our own succulents for our table and each guest.  

Get creative and have fun!