What is a Pop Up Party?

People are always asking me, “What is a pop up party?” I have been doing pop up parties for a long time now. I love them. I started doing them when I lived in a small apartment and didn’t have room to entertain and host the way I wanted to. This lead me to throwing dinner parties out in public places. Perfect idea, right? No need to clean your house and decorate for a party when you can choose a location that does it for you!

Every time I leave the house, my eyes are in search of the perfect party location. I want my guests to have a unique experience, while enjoying time together, and strengthening friendships. I want the evening to be memorable. Once you find the perfect location for your party the rest comes easy. Choose a theme and menu to match your setting, and the fun begins! 

Popping up the party is the fun part. You get to set up your table, chairs, decor and food in the perfect location. This is where your creative side kicks in and the work becomes enjoyable. During your party, make sure you have some kind of activity for your guests to do too; this will add to the unique experience.

So, what is a pop up party? I like to think of it as a unique dinning experience with close friends in a beautiful public setting.