The Revelry Co.

I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea when I was in high school.  My friends and I should throw a dinner party with our prom dates on an island in the middle of the street.  How unique would that be right?  I’m sure no one else has done that before. I soon realized, nobody liked that idea. “We can’t do that.” “Who would we ask?” “What if we got in trouble?” “That would be embarrassing.”  These were the responses I got from my friends.  Although my idea was shot down, the thought of doing a dinner party in a unique public place never left my mind.  Again, in college I suggested setting up group date dinner parties in public places and I got the same responses. 

Many years later I was living in Oakland and decided I could pull it off. This time I did not ask the people what they thought of my idea, I just invited them to a dinner party.  It was a success.  The guests enjoyed the unique evening and the outdoor public setting, and after a while people looked forward to getting invited to a party. 

September 2016, it had been a while since I had hosted a pop up dinner party, so I decided to throw one together quickly before the weather got in the way. I invited Jaime, Rachel, Kristi-Lynn and their spouses. I sent them to the Marin Headlands.  Although the rest of the bay area was in the 90’s that day, the Marin Headlands had a cold, windy bubble surrounding it.  Rather than having our party on top of an army battery with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, we hosted our party in an army battery, protected from weather. 

After a fun night chatting with friends about how great pop up parties are Jaime, Rachel and I decided to start our blog and The Revelry Co. began.